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Ever feel like somewhere along the road of life "the real you" got lost and some second-rate imposter took over? Trust me—you're not alone. The fact that you're here means there's still life to be lived, and I want you live it well. The first step toward unleashing the "real you" is getting back on that road, this time armed with fool-proof GPS, some serious rocket fuel, and your very own expert guide—me, Nikki Ostrower—riding shotgun!

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Whether you're looking to lose those lingering pounds, recover from a debilitating eating disorder, tackle food sensitivities, train for a triathlon, or simply live a little healthier—you're in the perfect place

What does working with NAO look like?

Your body is entirely unique. That's why you won't find cookie-cutter formulas or fads here; just tried and true nutritional expertise to fit your needs. Discover the NAO philosophy on health, wellness, and nutrition.


Customized Coaching
NAO's coaching is customized for your physical, emotional, and lifestyle needs. In-depth assessments and one-on-one support will help you overcome whatever challenges you're facing.


Structures for Success
NAO helps you put systems in place that set you up to make practical, lasting changes. Step by step, you'll learn the language of nutrition, develop new habits, and start reaching milestones.


Education & Resources
Information is presented in a way that's, well, digestible! Tips and tools simplify the process, encourage you to take action, and offer support beyond our sessions.

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How do I know it works? It has for me, and for countless others from every walk of life. Want unbiased social proof? Check out these rave reviews
Are you ready to live well? Ready for permanent shifts in energy, vitality, physical health, and emotional well-being? Ready to feel good? Let's get started today.
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