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NAO Nutrition’s customized nutrition coaching offers individuals the personalized support they need to improve their eating habits and lifestyle choices. As a team, we will incorporate smart, mindful practices into your daily life that are realistic for your busy schedule and your body’s individual needs. You'll learn how to easily integrate healthful habits into your daily lifestyle, achieving and surpassing your goals.

Working closely with Nikki in person or by phone or email, you’ll experience never-ending support, as well as the understanding and guidance required to look beyond the food on your plate, eventually identifying any underlying emotional and lifestyle triggers.

Learn how to be comfortable with wholesome food and provide your body the nutrients it needs. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, increase your energy level, address health concerns, or simply eat more intelligently, you'll achieve success through knowledge and encouragement. Nikki will be there with you every step of the way. Together, we will discover a path to well-being, self-love, and personal growth.


Nikki OstrowerFrom the moment you step through the door of NAO Nutrition, it is clear how much Nikki Ostrower loves what she does. Whether it’s working with a new private client, delving into the latest reading materials and research on nutrition, or facilitating support groups for those who wish to better nurture their bodies, Nikki brings an incredible energy to everything she does. Her true passion in life is helping others nourish themselves healthfully and with joy. She works with athletes, people with diabetes and helps those already on a healthy path to further optimize their health. Nikki is dedicated to educating and guiding anyone who seeks a truly holistic balance in their lives.

In 2008, NAO Nutrition was founded to extend and enable this mission. Driven by Nikki’s passion and commitment, NAO believes that the cornerstones of optimal health and well-being are healthy eating practices and lifestyle choices. Nikki's compassion, expertise and commitment helps each client to transform their relationships to food and health. At NAO, Nikki is committed to respectfully, confidentially and proactively tailoring a program that helps the client reach their most optimal health.

In addition to her degree from the Academy of Healing Nutrition, Nikki Ostrower also earned a BS in Business from the University Of Binghamton. Nikki is a recurring special guest with the NYU Child Study Center on Sirius Satellite Radio’s “Dr. Radio” show. She’s also a contributing writer for, the food and wellness expert for and was featured in a documentary on eating disorders by Academy Award-nominated Director, Nathaniel Kahn. Nikki also consults for Energy Excellence, a corporate wellness company, where she does corporate nutrition presentations to large and small audiences. In this capacity, she has worked with everyone from Nordea Bank and traveled to Scandanavia to the Consulate General of Denmark.

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